Mike Woods Consulting Limited

Analysis strewn with errors is worse than no analysis at all: the wrong decision can be made, a big contract mispriced, money lost, time wasted.  How sure are you that you haven't made these mistakes?

Over 90% of spreadsheets have errors in them and, while the chance of errors can never be eliminated, their likelihood and impact can be greatly reduced by using structured approaches to designing, building and, importantly, testing spreadsheets or databases.

We support clients to help them perform robust analysis by helping them in one or more of the stages of analysis:

  • Specification
  • Design
  • Build
  • Test
  • Use

For example, if you've built a spreadsheet that has grown in scope as you've built it you should get it tested.  If you know where you want to get to but are unsure how to bring the data together and manipulate it properly you need someone to design, build and test a spreadsheet to give you what you need.